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Readings for the New Year

Thank you to everyone who trusted me as their oracle this past year, it was an honor to work with you all! My practice has grown and changed a lot over the last year, and I want to announce some changes and new offerings! First: I’m raising my prices this year! My current rate just doesn’t do justice to my current skill, the amount of serious study I’ve done, and the amount of prep I do for each reading. I’m spending way too much time working for how little I charge! I’m still offering sliding scale, but now my prices are $80-120 for a natal chart reading, and $60-80 for tarot. Second: I’m now offering solar return/year ahead readings! they are one of my favorite techniques of the astrological tradition, and I’ve spend the last several months studying them in depth. Prices for that will be $90-120. Thank you so much for booking with me! You can book with my through this link


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